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    Lightbulb Webmerge free pages?

    I am currently using the trial version of webmerge. I noticed that on each detail page generated there are two bits of information.

    1. In the header: <meta name="generator" content="Fourth World WebMerge 2.4">

    2. In the footer: This page was made with 4W WebMerge

    Will this information be eliminated in the licensed version?

    I figure this info would definitely raise a duplicate flag with the search engines?

    I'm basically looking for "webmerge" tag free generated pages. Would any licensed webmerge user care to enlighten me on what their pages contain?

    Thanks kindly,


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    Those are no shows when you buy the full version.

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    > Will this information be eliminated in the licensed version?

    Of course. Once licensed that becomes optional. We do have a surprising number of people who turn that on, but most prefer it off and we honor that.

    > I figure this info would definitely raise a duplicate flag with the search engines?

    I doubt Google or any other SE targets pages for removal because the webmaster values their time and uses modern tools instead of hand-coding. With WebMerge users like the London Review of Books, MacWorld Magazine, BMI Music Publishing, Oak Ridge National Labs, and the US Library of Congress, Google would have a tough time substantiating such a position.

    Duplicate content is flagged because it's duplicated, not because of a generator tag.

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    Thank you very much for your time and information. Sounds great.

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