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    Is anyone promoting their affiliate program on I ask because I clicked on a link of an affiliate who is promoting my program through them and received a message that my offer has been closed. Which isn't the case, I recently made a large deposit. Also when I tried logging in as a merchant, I received the following error message:

    Fatal error. Admin has been notified about this error.
    Server name:
    Request: /cgi-bin/
    Method: POST
    Cookies: cookie_banner_id=0; cookie_camp_id=0
    Remote address:
    Variables: (removed this info for security reasons)

    Error: "Cannot open database leadhound. Too many connections"

    Has anyone talked to Gus Beard or can shed some light on the situation. I sent Gus an email and am waiting on a response.

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    me too

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    Funny. I was just going to check for info on leadhound. I've been trying to sign up with one of their merchants and keep getting rejected because of my ISP. Ummm...a US ISP is being rejected? Something's not right.

    I also noticed a few pages on leadhound's site are broken.

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    Been using CMS for a while now mainly on a high traffic US website using their CPC programs. Must say they are usually fairly good.

    I read Leadhound was taken over by CMS so...

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