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    Free Site Mapper Software
    HI ALL... just got this notice... I downloaded it and played with it...

    Looks like a keeper...

    From an email I recieved from

    Hi There,

    We recently had a few users ask us about making Site Maps for their Websites. They said it was exhausting to track down all their pages and to create a list of links for everything on their Site.

    We decided to help you with this for free because we truly care about making it easier for you day to day.

    It's very important to have a Site Map so search engines can find all of your pages. Also many of your visitors use Site Maps to navigate your Website to get where they need to go instead of looking for links.

    It's pretty easy too. Just tell our new CoffeeCup SiteMapper where your Website is located on your hard drive and it will create a nice page you can use for a Site Map. All of your Web pages will be listed and linked in order and the page will match your existing colors, backgrounds, etc....

    It's free so have fun with it and don't forget about our other Web Design software and services like Search Engine Submission and Web Hosting.

    Download SiteMapper Here:

    Thanks, (we love you)

    CoffeeCup Software
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    pretty cool software. Too bad you can't point to a URL though and it has to be a local file. All of my sites are created via web forms to add content, etc, so it can't do those..... nice find though!

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    Same gripe, won't go online with a feed style type site (Nice app though, does the job well, when I looked at it). Also most other site map softwares I've tried recently begin to cry when they realise the size of the site. boo hoo hoo. Back to hand coding certain pages.

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    I was told a long time ago that coffee cup has some nasties imbedded. Have they cleaned it up or was I mis-informed long ago?

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    I need a google sitemap generator any suggestion?

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    Thanks Joe.

    Do you have any information on their hosting company?

    "Nasties" imbedded in their software?! Yikes! Is this true?

    Who can you trust?!!

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    CoffeeCup site map generator
    Google site map generator?

    RE: "Nasties" imbedded in their software?! Yikes! Is this true?
    I wish I knew and hope someone will reply who does know.

    Re: "Too bad you can't point to a URL.
    Apparently one can now and that's exciting.

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