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    Question help!!!! for a noobie
    can anyone help? I'm SOOOOO new at all this. I'm not even sure I'm posting in the right place, but here's my problems....I just signed with a company that requires I use their tools (i.e. text links, html banners, search boxes, dhtml and pop up/pop under). I don't know much about any of these, or how to use them with eBay. I don't actually have a website. They require I use these tools so that any sales generated through being redirected to their website via these tools will earn me commission on sales from those redirected. Is there anyway to use these tools on my eBay store?? how do I use their "cut and paste" techniques, when I can cut from the one website, but it won't let me paste on my eBay store page?? What am I doing wrong? or is it impossible to do? I'm VERY new at all of this and would appreciate any help anyone could give me....thank you!!!!

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    Trying to understand you question -
    You have an ebay store and you want to put links up to another merchants merchandise - correct?

    Are you able to insert html in your store? When you say you aren't able to paste - do you mean that there is not a button to click to paste? If that's the case, after you've copied the html code from the merchant try using Control-V on your keyboard to paste to your ebay store.


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    far far away....
    I see several problems with what I think you are wanting to do...

    1> I am fairly sure it violates ebay rules to blantantly re-direct traffic away from ebay if this is the case your store will be closed (disrupted) by ebay

    2> ebay is the wrong place to advertise any product you are tring to sell if it is via an affiliate program... cuz visitors to your store cant bid or pay your directly for the products and you dont have control over the selling process... hense they are not your products

    3> If you want to be an affiliate marketer... you need your own website... with your own domain name... without this investment you will never build repeat customers that are yours and you are shooting yourself in the foot before your start.....

    4> read, study, learn all you can from diggin around here at ABW... and in no time you'll begin to get a sense of what is required to be successfuk in this business.

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    Thanks Joe....I see what your saying! Have a great day!

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    First,forget ebay,they are used mainly by pawn shops, and have several law suits pending, us the flea market online, from one of our select affiliates.Bravenet has free sites, with all the tools,try them for a starter, you can even add soft background music, a plus to keep shoppers on your site longer, try clix galore or/and kolumba, in addition to some of the reliable merchants on share a sale, check those that are not always low on fujunds,I have earned from the Irish gift shop,Natures nursery, and products that people can not shop for themselves,health care,teens,gifts,electronics,toys,and surpising to me, dishware, I use 5 sites, and they take a little time, be sure to put a bookmark us for future daily specials,so they come back, got all of this from another trusted member of the forum, when I was lost.My nickels worth
    Jersey Jim

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    I have the funny feeling you were expected to have a functioning web site before using their "tools."

    If you are paying a lot per month for this deal you might consider finding out how to get out of your contract (if there is one) and then learn how to make web pages.

    After that you can find a domain name to register, build your site, and put legit links on it and get paid for sales.

    This has been the case with companies signing up people for "online stores" that connect to They want a monthly fee for practically nothing. You end up with a site that looks like it was made from the same cookie cutter that did the previous victim's site. You end up selling to your friends and relatives. only.

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