Ok guys..need your help. As I have mentioned before my wendypresseisen.com domain does not have a host so is being redirected to my comfy-cozy.com domain hosted on godaddy. I think there is a big problem with the SEO in that it doesnt come up as having much link popularity or listing so something is wrong. Also when i added a search box it only spiders the one page and not the linked pages so it kind of makes sense about the redirect thing. ANYONE CONFUSED??
SO heres the question. Thanks to your helpful suggestions about getting its own host Ive decide to splurge and get separate webhosting for this website. BUT...do i have to do anything to transfer the domain name to the host site or anything? The domain is parked at enom.com but I want another host site. SO how do i change everything? And can i have this comfy-cozy redirect one still running while i am switching to the new one...another words 2 identical wendypresseisen websites? Until the new hosted one is fully situated? or will the search engines not like that???
Thanks all,