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    Laptop / Desktop Networking Question
    I've been searching the web for an answer to this, but no avail. Since most of you have both a laptop and a desktop, you probably can help me with this.

    I have a desktop (XP Pro) connected to a wireless broadband router with a cable. And I have a laptop (XP Home) connected wirelessly to that broadband router.

    I want to build a network between these two computers for main purpose of file sharing and use the same printer/scanner, etc.

    I used the networking wizard in both computers in the "My Network Places" to set up a network, and both computers can see each other.

    In my laptop, I can access to a file from my desktop once I place it in SharedDocs file, so it's fine on that end.

    But, when I try to access a file in laptop from the desktop computer it gives "The network path was not found" error. I tried the troubleshooter, did not help.

    Have any of you guys have a similar set up? Any suggestions?


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    You need to read up on XP Pro Internet Information Services and share your files through that. Once you get it set up you can also use it to test web pages and scripts. I have a home network running with a WIKI page and an MP3 library so I can listen to music from any computer in the house.

    In other words, the machine with XP Pro needs to be the server.

    As for sharing a printer, get one of those little CAT5 networking adaptors. It will save you a lot of trouble.

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    I don'tthink you need to go so far as the set up an IIS server on you XP Pro system - that won't really help you share files so much as it will give you a local web server to try out your page designs.

    I don't use the shared documents feature at all - I use the standard file sharing featuer that has been in Windows for quite some time:

    On both machines, go to Settings / Control Panel / Networks. Right click on the Ethernet connection and select Properties. Make sure FIle and Printer Sharing for Windows is checked.

    Now go to any folder on either computer, right click on any folder and choose Sharing. Click on the Share this Folder icon, and make sure to click the "allow others to write" to this folder.

    That should do it! Now when you select Computers Near Me from the Networks Icon on your desktop, you should see the other computer, and when you click on it you should see the folder you just shared. Provided you checked the Allow Write box, you can read and write to the remote folder. You can createas many shared folders as you want.
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    you'll have to set up sharing on the printer connected to the desktop machine, also.

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