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    How do I get my site indexed in google
    I work with and we have been in business for over 2 years and we wanted to know why we don't show up high in a google search for phrases like "game used jerseys" or "game worn jerseys"... Our competitor shows up #1, how did he do this.


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    I searched through your code amd didn't really find much usage of your keywords, "game used jerseys," or "game used jerseys" I found them listed in your keywords meta tag, but not used as much in the content, if at all.

    I would also cut out the "/" in the title, and use the exact phrases. Possibly, use "game worn jerseys" in the title on some pages, and use "game used jerseys" on 50% of the others, if those 2 phrases are your money words.

    Also, I'd use those phrases in Headings throughout your content, as in <H1>, and <H2> tags and so forth. You can control the actual size of the headings with the font tag or with css.

    Also, make all of your page's titles unique. I'd even include the actual product's name, and use either of your 2 phrases. People do search on actual team names, etc. Also, it irritates Search engines to use the same title for all pages in your website.

    I'd use those 2 phrases for links you acquire from other websites in your niche, or genre in link exhanges. Like...

    Visit CollegeJerseys for game used jerseys, helmets, and more.

    Well, hope this helps... it's all that popped into my head on inital inspection. I'm no SEO pro, but I think these are solid suggestions.
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    What mmh3 said... Very good advice.

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    Search engine optimization is my primary business. mmh3 is giving you good starter advice.

    There is so much competition today (Google has over 8 billion pages in its index) that unless you make an effort to rank well by optimizing your site, high rankings are just serendipity.

    Basic search engine optimization is not difficult to master. There are hundreds of thousands of articles available on the Web. The quality of your "informational content" is a critical factor, as well as the number of quality links to your site, the structure of your pages, your site architecture, linking structure, etc.

    You can click on my forum name and visit my site for several dozen articles that will get you started. The articles are listed in the right column on the home page.

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    mmh3 - great post!!!!

    SDelaneyCJ - do all mmh3 said. Pay very close attention to this phrase from mmh3:
    I'd use those 2 phrases for links you acquire from other websites in your niche, or genre in link exhanges. Like...

    Visit CollegeJerseys for game used jerseys, helmets, and more.

    Read about effective link campaigns here:

    Get this tool:
    (Haiko mentioned it here:

    As you acquire links, you'll need to manage and track them - consider this tool: Arelis (find it at

    Good luck!

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    can you remember my sad effort at getting to the top of google L.O.L

    it worked?????? almost...
    but then 2 days later,
    my new webmaster overtook it with normal
    SEO work..
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