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    Question Recently Launched Vitamin Affiliate Program
    Hi Abestweb community,

    First off, I just want to say I am not going to post my URL, or program name such that I don't disobey the Abestweb forum rules.

    Second, I am just looking for a little bit of info and direction from the Abestweb community.
    So here goes. I am a Vitamin, Herb, and Supplement store. I would like to promote our store in many different ways through the affiliate channel, but would like some insight from you avid affiliate marketers on what best works for you. I have been considering the following:

    1) Promoting hot products. These are products that are hot in the news/health world. An example would be the recent craze about Hotplants or Cortislim (sexaul aid for both men/women and a diet aid). Is this something affiliates would want to promote, or is it too targeted or not targeted enough?
    2) 2 for 1 deals. This is straightforward - appeal to the Valueseeker and offer a Buy 1 get 1 Free.
    3) Coupons. Again, this is appealing to the value seeker, but would be a dollar off, or percent off at a threshold.
    4)Demographic appeal. Market products and "kits" (two products for a discount) to demographics (i.e. old people, health nuts, nightclubers etc).
    5) Hot Prices. Products that have a Best of Web price and are some what trendy or well known - Vitamin C, Daily Vitamin, etc...

    So again, the question is what is feasable for you, the affiliate. Can any of these methods work, is one more promising then the other?
    Any sort of insight is helpful, so please don't be shy.

    Thank you

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    They're all good. I like coupons

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    Hi, DocT Aff Mgr,

    If you want to see which vitamin/mineral/supplement affiliate marketers are making REAL money and how they do it, you may wish to thoroughly study Drumlib's web site at:

    Best regards,

    RadarCat, Webmaster
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