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    Dumb questions: Only 5 Datafeed?
    Okay, so I asked CJ for datafeed access and agreed to the "integration fee". In response I get email asking some questions, which is fine, except one question which confuses me:

    3-Due to the potential size of your feed, it is recommended that you limit your feed to your top five (5) Advertisers. Please let us know which five (5) Advertisers you would consider are your strongest revenue generators?
    So, my questions are these:

    1. Does this mean that I get one womping datafeed for all my merchants regardless of whether they have updated anything?

    2. Does this mean that I am actually limited to just 5 merchants or is it just "recommended"?

    3. Most of the merchants I want feeds for, I am not currently promoting because I don't have the feeds. So, what catch-22 algorithm should I use to predict the best 5?

    Any advice/wisdom/clue would be helpful. (And yes, I DO realize I should ask CJ, but I figured the responses here would be clearer and would come more quickly.)


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    1. You get them all the first time, then usually only updated feeds after that.

    2. It is just (strongly) recommended.

    3. Results vary greatly as to one will do well with.....just research the merchants to make sure you aren't choosing the total dogs.

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    Start with 5, then add more as you need them.

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    You might try to ask for say 10 at a time, it will be a gigantic file and I would stab a guess that around 40%-50% of them will be either out of date or just plain cr*p feeds with no catagorisation whatsoever.

    Then I would sugest you tell them to delete the bum feeds and add others till you have what you need.

    But beware, some of the merchants feeds are really massive and if you get three or four of the bigger ones it will be a real big file.
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