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    Ask a question?
    I tried to use the 'Ask a question' feature. It said at the top 'Logged In As *myname*' so I thought everything is okay and typed in my question and chose the appropriate category. After I clicked 'Submit Question' I was presented with a screen prompting me to open a new account. The form wouldn't let me continue without filling out the form. When I entered my ID, my usual CJ-email, name and all that the system told me that ID, email is already in their database so I wound up inventing an ID and using an email-addy I don't normally use. The question seemed to go thru then but now I can't check the status because I used a different email-addy than usual.

    Now my questions are:

    - Will CJ ever recieve the question?
    - Will I ever get a response from them and if so where can I read it? (The question was quite important and I'd like to read the answer to it)
    - Will the question ever be associated with my real CJ-account?
    - Why do I have to open up a new account anyways when the system already indicates that I'm 'Logged In As'?

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    I think the system probably just timed out and brought that screen up as a weird occurence. I would sign on to your normal account and just ask the question again even explaining in the question that something strange happened the last time you tried to ask a question.

    You will however receive an email from CJ on your email saying they received your question so if you don't get this email then I would think that your question did not go through.

    The system is sometimes really quick in getting a response and sometimes slow, but generally I've found there online question service helpful.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks for your answer.

    I haven't recieved any confirmation-email from them yet neither to my normal addy nor to the new one I used. So I decided to try again and ask the same question again. This time I used IE instead of Firefox, accepted all cookies and set the browser to accept basically everything which might do harm to my computer. Result: After submitting the question the same screen appears again asking me to set up a new account. I stopped there. Needless to say that I still can't check the status of my first try...

    Looks like the 'Answer a question' function is broken somehow

    Is there any other way to contact CJ (besides the phone) like a normal email-adress where I can send normal emails written with a normal email-program? My question is kind of important for me and I want to have the issue solved as soon as possible.

    PS: Yes, I know - patience is a virtue but as I said: It's kinda important for me

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