customer service sucks these days, especially at ipowerweb. my site was down and i can't even FTP to my site, and all i was getting was a generic "it's your browser cache" response. after insisting several times, they finally admitted that there was a problem.

another time, when i transferred a hosting to ipowerweb, the settings they gave me wouldn't work with my FTP, and I need to upload my files first to their server before pointing my domain to ipowerweb so the transition will be smooth. the response that i got was that i should point my domain first to ipowerweb. excuse me? if i do that without any files on the ipowerweb server, my website will disappear from the net. after unleashing some unsavory words, somebody knowledgable did finally come up and answered me correctly.

what country are they outsourcing their customer service to? it sucks big time.