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    Choosing a merchant question
    Im still learning AM and I have a question about choosing a merchant. What factors into your choice over Merchant A vs. Merchant B? Does it come down to commission and the merchant's conversion rate?

    What if the merchant has just started out and does not have a presence on the Net - do you avoid those?

    Sorry if these questions have been brought up before, but please bear with me - I am a newbie

    PS. This assumes youve already picked out your keywords.

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    Look at their performance over the past 60 days. If they are new, unless they are reputable and have been around a while, steer clear. Look to see who is affiliated with Ebates ( This affiliation will suck your commissions away from you.

    Look at the duration of the cookie. Shop their site. Who has the nicest site, best shipping policy, easiest check-out procedure.

    Look at it from both sides, make your decision, then take the top performer. Leader made an excellent post on this subject here: it is post #7. Read it in detail.

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    great headsup Scohaz, Leader is a great person and that topic u pointed out is the most informative breakdown on why choose a merchant I have encountered. thank you, hope you dont mind if I implement this in my post as well.

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    Thank you so much Scohaz.

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    Look at their performance over the past 60 days.
    I was at SAS's site, but they dont display the merchant's epc.... do you stay away from SAS's merchants? I dont think you guys do, cause I hear good things about them on here. Just a bit confused.

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    This is one of the hardest parts of affiliate marketing. Sometimes commission rates cannot be compared because it comes down to their conversion ratio. You might find one merchant with a 20% commission rate, but they don't convert while a merchant that only offers 5% converts readily. You just need to test the merchant and find which ones convert best for you. Test them with adwords or just read reviews about good merchants from a customer's point of view. Check or and find the merchants that have high ratings. Find out where the buyers are buying online. Sometimes a new merchant will convert beautifully if they offer a hard to find product at a good price, so be sure to check the new ones from time to time. This really just takes a lot of experimentation. Also check their EPC's and try to sell for merchants that have high EPC's. There's always an exception to this rule as I have EPC's for some merchants that are upwards of 5x as much as what the network reports. It really just comes down to what you can sell and what your methods are. Just keep experimenting!

    - Scott
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    Commission via or Paypal

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