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    Haiko, If you haven't looked at my information in the Sales? thread in the CJ forum please do so.

    I like you am very disturbed at what seems like the networks completely ignoring COC violations or them having severe problems with bringing the parasites into compliance.

    I think it's a good idea to document the COC violations in a central place and note the networks lack of response to the violations being filed with them or state that they are indeed trying to resolve the issue.

    At this point with my own experience, it certainly isn't my opionion that they are trying to enforce the COC - anything but that.

    It seems obvious that having a central thread for this information and pointing a couple of news sources to it may help give the networks some incentives "to act" and to "act accordingly".

    It seems very clear "the heat" is going to have to escalate before anything valid is done by the networks involved in the COC. And not documenting the networks lack of response and actions will not help our cause.

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    I was thinking the same myself.

    I put it in the private section, anyone with access to the Private parasite or Affiliates forums can access it.

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