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    I really hate to suggest yet another forum.

    But..I will. With the recent posts regarding anti-spyware programs and cookie deletions, one thing seems clear. To some members here, this was apparently new news. This issue has been discussed sparodicly here for at least a year. There are many new threats to our cookies in the forms of anti adware/spyware programs, popup blockers, privacy protection programs, and unlikely sources such as firewalls. And for Drewbert, lets not forget the host file issue. It's the newest "fad" issue on the Net. An industry that is growing quite rapidly.

    I feel that there are many issues that need to be discussed in this regard, especially with the Networks seemingly unwilling to address their cookies being classified as harmful. IMO, this isn't to far off from the definition of parasiteware, although I'm not sure I think it should necessarily be discussed under that forum. Whether the software is under the form of a rebate reminder app or protecting the consumer against the horrors that can infect their computer and mislead them into thinking their life story is being captured by an affiliate cookie, our cookies (equaling revenue) is being mucked with. I also think it is a much harder issue to address in many ways than parasites, since the consumer is most definitely actively seeking these applications out.

    More and more of these applications are becoming available and many offer affiliate programs and are being heavily promoted by affiliates, with them not realizing the full implications.

    I'd also be more than happy to search out old posts and help move them to a new area.

    My 2 cents.....

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    Mrs B,

    I totally agree! We have lots of parasite forums, but I think one more general forum - not just for Spyware but all other issues that negatively affect affiliate commissions.

    Maybe call it "Non-Parasite Commission Threats" or something. It could be melting pot for any issues regarding anti-sypware, adware (that deletes cookies), ad removers, pop-up blockers. etc. I think people are losing a LOT more commission than they realize from all these threats combined.

    I would also like to see a "testing" section where different people can test different programs and report on which cookies are eaten or blocked by which programs and show screen shots.

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