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    how to use WM to combine data
    I am sure this is not what WM is for but I just wanted to give it a shot.

    Can I use WM to build a price comparison engine? Something like bizrate, pricegrabber etc.

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    WebMerge generates static web pages from the content of nearly any database, spreadsheet, or affiliate feed. As such, if you have a database that can pull data from these other sites, then WebMerge could generate pages from that just as it could for anything else.

    But that's the tricky part: a price comparison site is only as good as its data. A good one will grab data from dozens if not hundreds of sites.

    I would think there would be an opportunity here for PriceGrabber to publish an API or frequently-updated feed to help folks add this sort of feature without the massive resources needed to do it well.
    Richard Gaskin
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