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    Question Where to get a qualitative affiliate for the web hosting provider?
    Hi there, I wonder, guys, where I can find reliable partners for the cooperation in the web hosting services promotion via affiliate programs. I used to contact directly the web sites operators by their e-mail. But... it is of low efficiency. I suppose they have taken me for the spammer. Sometimes I received the replies. But in most cases the site owners wanted money up-front just for the sign-up. There are lots of affiliate directories to add an affiliate program. It is a time consuming process, but now I'm working on the recruitment of affiliates with the help of affiliate directories...So what else can be done...I need your ideas, guys, in what other way it is possible to recruite affiliates for the web hosting provider.

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    You could always try listing the program in the announcements section. That is what it is for. Details are here.

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