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    March 27th, 2005
    Question leads?
    Hello, I am somewhat new to this game. And was just wondering if anyone uses Leads with CJ. As in buying leads from some site and then manually submitiing leads to CJ advertisers?
    should I or should i not?
    (2nd question-Do many people get locked from ther accounts for "missuse". And what kind of "missuse?")

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    January 27th, 2005
    what you are suggesting is misuse..


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    March 27th, 2005
    well no nothing illigal, heh. I was just wondering whats the main reason of people getting their accounts suspended, if there even is one. Im asking just bacause from what i heard about companies locking peoples accounts for no reason and keeping the monay they earned.
    So, wondering if CJ is really legit, i just had to many times that I got scamed.

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    CJ is legit. Sometimes there is a _rare_ merchant that is not.

    the practice of placing links to merchants and receiving commission for sales from those links is the expected behaviour.

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