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    Affiliates... I need your input.
    I tried posting this before but I believe I posted it in the wrong forum so I never saw it up...


    Me and a few collegues are starting (yes, another) CPA network. It has always been in my best interest to keep our clients/affiliates as happy as possible. I understand that there are some networks that promote questionable things or do things that are not in their affiliates best interest.

    What I would like, if I may ask, is your assistance. What things do you see that you dislike about other networks, love about other networks, or something you would like to see that has not been implemented into another network?

    Your input is greatly valued,


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    No parasite companies allowed & consolidated payments are 2 big needed factors. An internal contact link to program affiliate managers that are actually read by the managers is another bonus.
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    jacked by sylon
    You need to make the companies keep money in the account with you so that if they go belly up the affiliates still get paid the money that we are owed!

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