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    2 questions for affiliates
    1. Are & characters in category names a problem, since they are recognized as a special character in URL? How much extra work and how much benefit, if any, will it cause my existing affiliates if I replace all &'s in category names?
    2. Do you look at EPC when considering joining a new program? (I'm asking because I get A LOT of untargetted traffic from a banner farm that doesn't convert - wondering if my stats will look more attractive if I terminate this affiliate)

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    in answer to your 1st question, I am not a member of your program so I can only give what I think is a correct answer.

    If your affiliates are leaving them in the URLs then if you change them it will result in a lot of 404's, but if your affiliates change/remove them as they are entered into their database then it should not make any difference, just give them a heads up so they can alter their scripts acordingly.

    As for the second question I personaly do look at the EPC but sometimes I take no notice of it If this guy/gal is causing you grief yet is making no sales get rid of them.
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    If an affiliate is using categories from datafeeds to create URLs, they should know to remove any characters that might cause problems.

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