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    Make-A-Page Help Affilates or SAS support please
    I am very interested in mastering the make-a-page feature. A couple of my non-ABW affiliates have asked me for help. We offer the custom categorized make-a-page.

    One wants 20 specific SKU's to show on the make a page. I am guessing that I "show" the advanced search criteria and enter the SKU numbers in the SKU field. I tried it with one SKU (because I didn't know what the delimiter should be) and it did not work.

    Called SAS support yesterday and emailed yesterday but have not received any call backs or emails as of yet and now my affiliate is getting frustrated with me.

    Can anyone (SAS support included) offer some guidance or help. If this works I can see it being a huge time saver for highly targeted items.

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    >>One wants 20 specific SKU's to show on the make a page

    See, now I would want 3 or 6 at a clip (2 or 3 in each row on hand-rolled pages), but I do like to individually choose the items for targeting, so I get your drift. It would be nice to be able to choose specific items to put together for a page.

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