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    Newbie Question About The Check
    I went to my account for the first time in about three weeks and noticed it said it had snailmailed out a pin number and they wont send a check until i enter the pin number into my account. Is this a new thing? or is it just new for when you start up an account? I havent recd mine so was wondering if its just a stall tactic they use in paying us or is it really a newly implemented thing they Just started??

    ALSO...when exactly do they mail out check? 30 days AFTER your first month of earnings or right away (like in the first week after)
    As you can see im new at all probably sound dumb but...
    IM NOT!

    Thanks for your help, all!

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    Hi Wendy. Honestly, I'm not sure what you're talking about with a pin. I have been with Goggle AdSense since October of last year and received two checks - no pin. They don't send you a check until you reach $100, then they have the check out within 30 days (depends on when they are due to send a batch of checks out I suppose). So at this rate, you can see it actually can take 2 or 3 months before you have enough to get a check.... HTH!


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    I never had such a request placed on me. This may be new. Send them an email - they are pretty good about responding.
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    Google now offer direct payment into your bank account....even easier.

    Check out the latest news at Google Adsense.

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    did you get the mail? I'm sure the instructions make sense. and this seems to be happening to new accounts, only.

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    I still havent received any pin number in the mail and wonder whats going on. It said it was mailed on the 29th but may take 2 weeks to get here (what kind of postal service is that??) I read in another forum that checks were sent from buffalo ny and i am in ny so if the pin was mailed from there i certainly should have had it by now but it says that i cant request another pin to be sent for 2 weeks after the other one was sent...not til 4/12 which means i probably wont get my check this month because it will be too late. any other people out there having problems getting their pin???

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