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    Does anyone know of a good wedding-related merchant?
    I want to offer wedding dresses and wedding-related stuff. I found

    Wedding Solutions, but am hesitant to join their program. There's no mention of cookies or how the affiliates are tracked...I don't want to partner with an in-house merchant that I'm not sure of.

    Can anyone offer advice?

    Rick K.
    "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't...You're right!" -Henry Ford-

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    jacked by sylon
    I would call them if they have a phone number and and ask them all of the questions that you are wondering about.

    Another good thing to do before you call them would be to go to Radio Shack and get an inexpensive tape recorder and one of those suction things that you can stick to the phone handset and record everything that they tell you. Be sure and save the tape of the conversation.

    That way - if you decide to try them out and later they change the rules and try to screw you - you can play the tape back to them on the phone and mention the word sue and that you have the proof. They just heard it when you played it back to them. When they hear the tape maybe they will go .

    It may not do you any good but you will feel better when you tell them what you think about them and that they can kiss your a##.

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    there are a whole buncha sites I'm leery of because of that. Also, in searches you seem to find a lot that are tied together. has a lot of wedding-related merchants. their link service leaves a bit to be desired. (lack of info)

    if you find vendors of wedding dresses, you're doing good. Most merchants I know of have mother/bride and wedding party clothes only. and are places to start, but don't forget to check the lingerie merchants for wedding-specific stuff.

    AND the collectibles sites have wedding-related statuettes and other good stuff to go with all this.

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    Caviat: no stats, never answer emails, lousy interface, no creatives, never answer emails.

    However, when I used them a few years ago, they converted, and they paid. Maybe you can get them to reply.

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