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    A word in all affiliate merchants ears! - 2005 Affiliate Marketing Future
    You would think would you not that if you was a company wanting to promote your products or services

    and someone approached you and said.. You know what. I will spend money before you pay me anything to generate traffic and leads to your website hows that sound? I take all the risk, and the loss if so.. and you DONT have to pay me a penny intill a sale is made or an approval is generated..

    what would you say?...

    Well you would be nuts to turn it down.. it wouldnt cost you a thing..

    so off they go now before you know it.. your seeing ads in papers, adverts online, websites all over the place saying.. HEY check out this cool product.. heres why!

    a month later your sales have increased 5X.. your reveling in all this money coming in.. and you think damn.. why did I not think of this before...

    NOW heres the PUNCHLINE!!

    You approach your affiliates your army of willing salesman and you say wow damit your doing such a great job and IM making so many more sales and approvals that I want to do something that I really think is going to help you..

    are you ready for it...

    Your army of saleman sit there with eyes bright, and drool falling of their lips.. and you say..

    OK.. From now on.. I dont want you to advertise in papers, i dont want you to bid on any term that is to do with my business, i dont want you to send out any emails..

    But you know what I really appreciate you..

    You wait for your army to jump and and shout HOOORAY!! great idea.. wow thats going to MOTIVATE me no end to promote for you..

    instead your sales army raises to their feet and says Nothing.. except walks straight out of your office.. across the road to your competition who is offering more money, is not restricting where and how they can promote

    One month passes.. and sales are at an all time slump.. and you sit there scratching your ass wondering.. UMM... I was sure telling them not to bid on my companys keyword terms would help ME... Im sure it would have motivated them to find some new way to advertise for ME

    meanwhile you gaze out your window across the road.. where your competitor now has hundreds of people POURING into his store Buying buying buying.. and your notice your competitor handing out Bonus after Bonus to his army who are now Partying it up.. and telling others... You have got to advertise for this guy.. he rocks.. OH but dont go acorss the street.. the company wont get you anywhere..

    Well..... that is whats happening.. more and more companies are preventing affiliates who are DOING THEM A FAVOR.. ( keep things in perspective.. they dont pay till we earn) they are preventing from bidding on keyword terms, preventing email promotions, preventing this that and everything else.. so finally what is the affiliate left with.. very general terms which are highly bid on.. which means more money out the door..

    fighting for free search engine position

    or left to spin out HUGE sites that annoy everyone and they class them spammy..

    well again it all boils down to the affiliate merchant.. if you close the doors.. we will finally close the door on you.. probably give you the BIRD too and walk across the road and promote your compeitior.. or replaces your ads for adsense.. then when you ask take that off the page.. we will reply with .. go suck a grape!

    things to keep in mind for 2005 affiliate marketing..

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    Since I'm not a ppc guy I cannot totally disagree with your post. I Personally feel that not allowing bids on a stores name or trademarked terms is fair. How much work does it take to bid on a store name?

    But the merchant is not the only one to blame, sure many of us run a tight ship and try to be "honest" but there are a percentage of affiliates who will spam, set up sites to retailers, targeting keywords and redirecting to a site that does not even carry that product or service being targeted. The the cookie stuffers, pop up and under sites, the list goes on. Those affiliates have hurt us all.

    The battle is not a direct fight with the merchant, your getting bombed from the front, back and both sides. Take cover and wear a wetsuit cause the poop is coming from all directions and we are buried in it

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    jacked by sylon
    I always wear chest waders.

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