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    Befree and CJ feeds, how to get them?
    I checked their websites but I could not find any info on how I can get them.
    Can someone help me out?


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    They don't make it easy. I just did this yesterday & it only took a few hours to get set up, but it takes at least that long to find the link.

    Log in. Click a "contact us" link. Click on "Ask a Question". Ask about product feeds. Set the category to "Linking".

    Someone will get back to you (quickly, it seems).

    - Tim
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    For BeFree, e-mail and tell them you're looking for data feed access. They'll give you FTP access at no charge. CJ charges $200 to set up your account but they'll deduct it from your balance so you don't actually have to go out of pocket. CJ will then update the datafeeds at the FTP site they set up for you every week. They'll ask you to start with five feeds or so but then you can get them to automatically include every merchant (that you're accepted by) that has a datafeed.

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    Take off eh?
    They'll actually update the feeds at the frequency you specify ... daily, weekly, etc.
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    I'd like to hear if anybody has communicated with over the past several months? They used to be very responsive, but since around October 2004 they stopped responding. Despite increased sales, they stopped helping me out. I haven't been able to add a datafeed to my account since then, so I've basically stopped focusing my efforts on BeFree merchants.

    Good luck!
    - Scott
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    Use the ask a question feature at CJ for befree product/datafeed issues. There is a drop down box there to select befree product links. That's what I have done, but its very slow in comparison to when we used the old befree email address.
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    I wanted to get a datafeed from a merchant who told me CJ offered it for $200, which shocked me to have that kind of charge for whats most likely a public access FTP site to get a text file.

    The merchant then had his tech guy appologise the day after that their feed was offline and hadnt been updated for quite some time anyway... and until I asked about the feed they appeared to have forgotten about it.

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