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    How to know when a merchant Re-Activates?
    It's bad enough when a merchant you are doing well from deactivates, and CJ gives you know advance warning - which means you are probably going to have a few invalid clicks before you find out, and possibly lots.

    They de-activate, I remove my links to them.

    But then you find that they have re-activated later, and there seems to be no way of knowing this short of studying the de-activated list every day and looking for it not being there...

    Is anyone aware of any way of being notified automatically?

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    nope. they sneak back. look at your list of merchants at the bottom of the CJ home page periodically.

    THEN, you can get rid of them if you want.

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    The notification is one of the lamest i've seen. You would think that CJ has enough technology brains to instead of us having to log in to check which merchant it is, to include the merchant name and reason for the de-activation.

    However I do understand that with the high cost of overhead and rent in S.B. they have to make some cuts somewhere. Making affiliates nervous is their top laugh of the day.

    What POOP it is.

    Nuberts gripe of the day.
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    no solution i think

    unless the advertisers send you a email to let your know they come back

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    i have this one merchant that has been sitting in deactivated list for more than a month. sent them a couple of emails and got no responds. cj should kick this merchant off the network. whats the point of keeping this merchant ?

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