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    Google Launches it's First Non Internet Product

    And what a day they picked to do it
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    2. Wait – you're saying Auto-Drink™ changes my brain chemistry?

    Um, yeah – but for the better.

    3. Isn't that kind of dangerous?

    Well, none of the lab rats who've been pounding this stuff for the past eight months have keeled over yet, which we find fairly reassuring. At any rate, you should be aware that by popping the seal on the twist-off Gulp cap, you send a wireless signal to Google's servers indicating your irrevocable acceptance of the Google Gulp Terms and Conditions, which do include the possibility, however remote, of hideous genetic mutation resulting from your consumption of this product. We're pretty sure you won't die, though.

    4. What if I don't want to use Auto-Drink™?

    No problem – simply turn off Auto-Drink™ on your Google Gulp preferences page.

    5. Well, shouldn't Auto-Drink™ be default-off?

    You mean we should cripple a perfectly useful feature just because of a little bad PR?

    6. Yes.

    Hey, we're a parasite, lets make a big joke about it! Yeah that'll show 'em!

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    I actually have a case of the red Sugar-Free Radical. I think once you spend a certain amount on Adwords they send it to you. I know a couple of other people who have received them also. It's pretty good. But sometimes it gives me these weird headaches and i lose track of time and place.

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