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    Negitive Credit from CJ for 2 months
    Whats with the negitive $10 credit on my CJ account? What, if I stop generating business then take back the commissions I previously earned?

    No explanation on the report. Just 'Credit' -$10.

    Wasn't bad enough to have merchants not report sales. Now what little did slip through they are taking back.

    Nice! Good business plan.

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    quess it must be standard practice at cj then

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    Their TOS states that if your account has no activity for 6 months, then they charge you $10. If you don't have $10 in your account then they close it.

    You can look at this thread:

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    You need to have at least one valid commissionable sale or lead every six months, otherwise they'll charge you a dormant account fee (currently $10/month) or close your account. See this thread and the CJ Terms of Service.

    Oops, I see Zeus beat me to it.

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