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    Stupid Question, but I have to ask.
    Yes, I know that this is a very stupid question, but since I like to know all I can, I will ask it here.

    It's three o'clock in the morning here and I was checking out the gif's at the bottom of the forums (yes I know, but there where no new post to read and I was bored) when I noticed that two out of the six posts icons, are identical or I am not seeing right at this time in the morning.

    What is the difference between these two gif's?

    Hot thread with new posts
    Hot thread with no new posts

    What is going on?
    Don't they both look the same?

    Before anyone ask: "Who cares about that little sh*t?"
    I do, because I am curious and I am not a so curiosity won't kill me.


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    go to bed
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    Yep, I agree ... you need sleep ... go to bed!
    Ray Thomas
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    I guess they're the same because they don't lose their hotness over time, unlike the rest of us.

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