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    From Stupid Criminals File
    I just found out by accident that someone has copied my entire site and left my aff ID in place.

    Many Thanks
    Feel free to copy my other sites
    PHP & Mysql Support
    <a target="_blank" href=""></a>

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    Mebourne, Oz
    Just happened to me too. Copied the site verbatim (half the links are affiliate). Then they emailed every site that links to mine, and asked them to change the link to point to their site. Bonus stupidity - they didn't copy the css file, so it looked ugly and unfinished. Super-stupidity... one of the emails came to me (internal links!), so I managed to get them removed before much damage could be done.

    Like spelling mistakes in spam/phish, could it be some sort of subconcious conscience causing them to want to fail?

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    Hey where do I sign up to get them to do that to my site?

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