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    Offline Merchants?

    One of mine is now listed as offline. Do I remove their items from my store, or wait to see what happens? If I continue to make sales, will I be compensated?


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    Once a merchant is is offline, your affiliate link will no longer bring visitors to their site. I am assuming if a sale is made from a cookie, you will still get credited for it providing that merchant hasn't packed up and left.

    I look in to the share-a-sale forum quite often, and hadn't had much to contribute lately beacause the only topic of conversation is about offline merchants. I am a merchant and have been happy with share-a-sale, but I think all merchants should be required to go on automatic deposit. How many times do affiliates need to get this point across? As a merchant, I think it makes my company look more reputable.
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    There are several of my merchants who went offline last week. I sent internal SAS messages early in the week asking if they were going to add to their accounts or if I should pull their links. They have until tomorrow night.

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    I'm with you Herb. I probably have some of the same ones as you. One of these merchants is going to cost me a bunch of work. They go offline way too much and take several days to deposit funds. Offline merchants really suck.

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