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    Maybe time for a little spring cleaning. There are 188+ and i have never seen 1 deleted just more and more. It's a very long scroll and with more being added every month, you have to look ahead. I know most need to stay but maybe some forums that haven't been used in a year should be looked at and maybe moved somewhere or archived or something. When the new posts works, if a post doesn't show up there, i don't see it.

    Some that come to mind:
    Open Q&A™ - last post a year and a half ago.

    Affiliate Content Tank - i remember people talking about that in chat, never understood it, it's been about a year since last post.

    Maybe combine some of the Pware forums somehow? You could literally have hundreds/thousands of forums if you made a forum for each one. A few of them only have 1 post.

    Where are the Canadian underwear sellers at? 1 post in a year in the Essential Apparel Canadian forum.

    Netmart, just had to read to remember who they are. That's a dead forum.

    Just start from the top and scroll. Then imagine 2 years from now it could be 250-300 forums, unusable. JMO. Maybe get it lean and mean?

    Hmm, i just collapsed most of them (clicking the - thingy all the way to the left), so that helps a bit.

    Edit: Well that doesn't work, when you hit refresh they all open up again.

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    Might be nice if some of the abandon/lapsed forums go under their own header. That could clear up some of the interface, will leaving the content online for others to still read.

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    I am in the process of this with some of the forums expiring - should be done by Fridayish.
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