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    Okay, I'm a little miffed. I have been going back and forth with CJ/BF trying to figure out why Old Navy is not crediting me for one sale which I have all the info for, from weeks ago, and why they are only crediting me for 4% commish on another sale. It says very clearly in Old Navy's FAQ page:
    "5.3. Commission rates are as follows: Commission rate will be equal to 5% of net sales for qualifying purchases. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may change the commission rate in our sole discretion, upon 30 days prior written notice to you. "
    This is the response I just got back:
    Dear Elizabeth,

    I took a look into the transactions in question and the first sale was never passed to us by Old Navy to begin with and that is why it was not reporting.

    The second transaction I show was credited at the correct comission rate which was 4%. This would give you a commission of $2.26 and I show nothing wrong with that transaction.

    Hope this helps


    I have emailed Old Navy directly twice, and received no response, which is why I emailed BF. It seems they simply don't care enough to ensure their merchants comply. I am two seconds away from dumping all BF and CJ merchants. It makes me wonder what other sales I don't get credited for since I have unusually high impressions and click through rates, but not too many sales through these two.

    So in response to 'Hope this helps' - NO it DOES NOT HELP.


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    I took a look at the affiliate agreement and I think I may have found their little loophole. In section 5.1:

    Furthermore, your commission will be calculated based on the aggregate amount actually paid to us for qualifying purchases, excluding amounts collected by for sales tax, duties, gift wrapping, shipping and handling, credit card fraud and bad debt, and allocations of 20% for returned items (using a mutually agreed estimated average return rate of 20% per month) ("net sales").
    So, they discount 20% of your sales before calculating commission. Since 80% of 5% is 4%, they have an effective commission rate of 4%. So, she may be technically correct in saying the commission is correct. That doesn't mean you shouldn't feel cheated; I would. Hiding a commission change in the weasel wording is pretty slimy. But there you have it.

    -John, surprised that he could not find a smiley for either slimy or weasel.
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    Wow! Thanks John. You know, I'm bad with these 'terms' issues. When I read that, I think it shouldn't apply since none of the conditions seem to fit, but the
    (using a mutually agreed estimated average return rate of 20% per month) ("net sales")
    is the key I guess...

    Thanks for your help. I am still really ticked. It's the difference of only about $.60 in this case, but after several sales, it really adds up. I really need to find merchants that don't snake you every step of the way.

    Of course there is still the issue of my missing sale.

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