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    I am looking for partners (LS datafeed site)
    I built my website ( using LS datafeed program (aka Merchandiser) and I'm looking for some partners to promote this website with me.

    How does this work:

    As long as you are a LS affiliate, you can link to any pages of my website using the following method:

    affid is your linkshare affiliate id, e.g. 1M0FpmfTI7Y
    subid is a sub affiliate id in your LS account. Use a sub id here so that you can get some useful stats info. Use 0 if you do not need this.

    A sample partner URL will be:

    You can use this method to link to any pages, for example link to a merchant category:

    Link to a single product page:

    And then, the website becomes yours. It will generate sales for you directly.

    When a customer clicks this link, a cookie will be put to his computer. If he then clicks the buy now/more info button on this website, your linkshare affiliate id will be used to track sales! Note this is a site wide cookie and apply to all merchants of this website.

    Some possible questions

    Q. What's the meaning of #affid-subid? Why not use ?affid=xxx&subid=xxx
    A. I use javascipt to write entry cookie. The above method can provide some inbound links for my site. That's why I offer this for free. The "?affid=xxx&subid=xxx" method (server side script) may have 302 google problem.

    Q. How to test?
    A. Use your affiliate id to access any pages of my site, e.g. (replace 1M0FpmfTI7Y with your id)

    And then, click any BuyNow or MoreInfo URLs on my site to visite merchant's landing page. Take a look of the URL of that page. Or visit to check your affiliate id. Note you will need to clear your cookie if you test more than one affiliate id. And only the first recorded affiliate id will be used until you clear cookie. You can use this script to clear this cookie:

    Q. Return days?
    A. 365 days

    Q. How many merchants?
    A. 14 merchants. They are 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-PetMeds,, Vitacost, Bare Necessities, GiftBaskets, Music123, Fujitsu, Overstock, Sierra Trading Post, Plow & Hearth, HearthSong, GreatSkin and PETCO.

    See (you can also append your affiliate here)

    I will add more merchants in the future.

    Q. Free?
    A. Some affiliates of other networks charge a monthly fee for this type of "service" (you may know what am I saying if you are affiliate of clickbank). But I just offer this for free because I want to get some inbound links. If you do not want to lost PR, just use rel="nofollow" (I hope you don't do this).

    Some tech info of my website:
    I wrote my own program in C++ which can process and generate MySQL data from Linkshare Merchandiser feed. The site is hosted at a dedicated server at Thepalnet DC. Running with Apache/MySQL/PHP. More than 40,000 pages. (60,200 pages indexed by Google but I just removed 4 merchants who did not use Linkshare now)

    Ok, I never typed so many words outside a programming editor I think this is a win-win idea. Put the above link into your newsletter, email/forum signature. Add a single homepage link or some related products links to your website... Just link to me and you get a large site immediately without any costs. Feedbacks are welcome.

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    Hey concorde! This sounds very interesting, but I'm wondering what's the catch? I don't mean to sound cynical, but if we make the commish, what do you get other than ranking? Or is that what you're after...? Sorry if this sounds dumb - just not too familiar with this stuff yet. Thanks!

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    State of Perpetual Confusion
    If something seems too good to be true it often is. So like Istolze asks "what the catch?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by lstolze
    I don't mean to sound cynical, but if we make the commish, what do you get other than ranking?
    What else do you except to get other than ranking?

    I do receive some checks form these merchants every month but I want to earn more. According to my log files, most of my visitors are coming from searching engines. To get more sales, I have two options:

    1. get more traffics from ADs (PPC, a paid link on your website, etc.)
    2. continue to get more traffics from search engines.

    Some webmasters buy PPC or text links directly but I do not want to do that. (I do not know these products very much) I choose option 2 and get some back links from other sites. We are all LS affiliates and we have the same target audiences.

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    jacked by sylon

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    Why stop at LS - There's Perf*rmics, and Cjay, and BF, and SAS. I'm sure we'll all be glad to link to your site with our aff code. Then the site will be ours?


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    Be careful with your language buddy. I cann't find any leakage about my idea. Some merchants contacted me and invited me to join their affiliate programs. I appreciate their messages and I will add more merchanidser feeds to my site soon.

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