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    February 1st, 2005
    Smile Need Help
    I am not new to the forum, but with so many changes it took a while to catch on, since my wife is gone, I lost a lot of weight,she hade home care that did the shopping,cleaning,laundry,she had some problems writing checks, as her health failed,now she is her Irish heaven,I need a big favoe from my real friend from Texas, with the help of a social woker I have some folks helping me, for some reason, known only to the Irish, they think we are beautiful people,helping so many other causes around the world may be part of it.I wonder if you could send back the 4 videos I sent you, they were a gift from a man that had lost his leg in WW2, and he appreciated the help I gave him. I want them to see the True Ireland, the song Teresa loved was
    Dublin in the rare old times,and the customs in the western area of the country, the Rose of Tralee festival, the whole thing not shown in the media.
    I have learned "to err is human< to forgive is godly", I goofed, and you know how much I appreciated all the things you told me about where you come from, and part of your family situation, with so many baileys in the family, I can't begin to tell how they all were, it would take years.
    I have 5 sites, earned a little, I get a lot of clickthroughs, on Linkshare alone, I am using small merchants for the last site, they seem to have the quality and values more than the big merchants we all compete against, like Walmart, Sears.etc,if they are advertising on the media, we can't always convince them it's cheaper online.
    But, I keep plugging away, found a merchant that has only made in the usa products,and almost everything, google is still finding the sites, but I think the gas,jobs and economy, since we are spending so much to the Middle East,can hurt,but if those that have known, they don't spend money on fuel when they shop online.
    I am barely making up budget, but it's something to do, had one slae for a Ibm laptop, and some jewelry, I get a load of clicks on Irish and Celtic products,since they are mostly hanmade, and not made in China, were so many greedy merchants went to, the prices didn't drop, when they moved for cheaper labor.
    So if you can, pleas send the tapes, they all would like to know more
    James T. Monroe
    33 MILL ST. APT3G
    NEWTON, NJ 07860
    And bless all in your house.
    I would love to get a PM from you, I miss your comments, and intelligence, I was given a bowl of jelly beans for Easter, made me think of you.
    A pint of Guiness goes a long way

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    Ummmm ... James .... I wouldn't post all this info in an "open" forum. I'd tell them to write you, PM you, etc ... but I wouldn't leave all this info wide open for scammers. You've provided alot of info here, I strongly urge you to consider editing this post.
    Ray Thomas
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