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    Redirecting to home page
    I have a deal website and I am creating web pages as I as enter deals. So, location of deals change when I enter the new deals or existing deals expire.
    Yahoo indexes all these pages but by the time these pages are available in the search index their content become different on my server. If somebody searches something on Yahoo and come to a page on my website, they cannot find what they are looking for since it is now in another page.

    Can I redirect all these people coming from search engines to my homepage?
    Is there a way to tell this to the search engines?

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    as a general rule, the search engines don't like redirection.

    its better if possible to make a static url for your deals, and include the current deals in that page.

    something like deals.php ; and using php include statements to include the current deals, or if your deals are served via a database, a search of the current deals on that url.

    depending on how your site is setup, you could do a couple of things, (a) setup an errordocument which brings up the sites index if the page could not be found. (b) if the page is generated by a script, edit the page which displays the error message to explain that the current offer is no longer available, and that they should visit the homepage to explore the current offers which are available.

    worst case scenerio...
    (c) add javascript and meta tag redirects to the page only if all else fails and you can't find a way to make another solution work. these redirection techniques are typically frowned upon...

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