Hi Brian;
Hope you had a good time off...

Now on to the request;

I want to send out email's to affiliates that have not gotten a link up and have been affiliates more than 2 months. I can see no way to do this. I can send out a newsletter to all affiliates with no hits but...

Why not make it available that AM's can run a query for affiliates by sign up date ? Or bearing that, why not under, Show me only specific affiliate:
allow us to run a query for more than 1 affiliate with each affiliate id separated by a comma? Then I can send out specific email's.

Otherwise I have to run a query for each and every affiliate.

When I download the affiliates information, ( now that I have the plicy waiver I can get their info) It seems the info is in no order at all.
Why not place it in order perferably from the sign up date? With out the order I have to search for the new affiliates each month to copy their info into an excel sheet.

Since I have set up the "Privacy waiver" (thanks) I am seeing that the affiliates that get the link up and are producing allow me to see their info and the non-actives don't.

This could also be that the non-actives have not even bothered to login to look at their account or grab a banner for then they would see the request.