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    Any recruiting other than by Affiliate managers for their listed [on ABestWeb] programs and/or any member who attempts to recruit membership for another board will result in an IP Ban."

    I think recruiting needs to be better defined. For example, what if someone asks a question and John Doe replies saying "There is a good thread about that here [link to a thread on another board]. Would that be considered recruiting, or does the rule only apply to blatant, off-topic "Come to my board" type posts?

    "Claims of Action
    Any claim of action against any one person or company are not allowed, any posts containing such will immediately either be locked, edited or removed (depending on severity). Multiple postings by a member claiming action against any company or person shall result in a ban, whether such claims are real o not."

    Does this mean that John Doe can say "Company XYZ did not pay me" but he can't say that he is taking them to small claims court? I may be dense, but I think this rule needs to list some examples of what is acceptable and what is not.

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    Hi and Welcome to ABW

    I've kinda left it nebulous so I can let it be flexable to interpretation (when necessary), but to answer you properly ... the recruiting portion is basically an effort to stop the "Come to my board/site" type posts and the claim of action rule came about because of some blow hard we had posted in almost every post to rally the troops (as it were) and sue company X ... no one needs that type of malarkey.

    So, basically if you don't use ABW to further your or anyone's traffic by posting a free link or saying 'these guys are bastards let's sue them' ... your good to go.

    I take pride in the fact that ABW is very loosely moderated, so don't worry, we aren't like some other forums out there were if you say boo it gets deleted.

    [Moved to the site feedback forum]
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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