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    Unhappy PPC Affiliate Bidding is dead
    Once upon a time I made quite a bit of money from this. Now it is virtually impossible. Most advertising networks are riddled with advertisers that won't allow you to bid on their trademarks and related terms, the remaining advertisers that will let you - well, the competition is ridiculous! I can only assume the people still doing this are making the minimal returns on their advertising costs, maybe $0.02 profit per dollar if my recent trials are anything to go by. They also must be spending long hours monitoring, making sure they are profiting even as little as this. Gone are the days you could do a little research, place a 3 cent ad to the merchant of your choice and sit back at ease that your advert will be bringing in the $'s. This is the end of an era for me. What a pity.

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    Welcome to competition and change.

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    I started with a free website with just banners and a little wording, posted to FFAs and Free classifieds and made $1000 a month.

    Yes, welcome to competition, change and the maturation of the internet!

    "Every mans life touches so many others"
    - Clarence

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    I started with a good domain name, no banner, related content, no mass advertising and made $100k a month.

    And I welcome too, competition, change and the maturation of the internet!

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    You gotta be dynamic in this business. Relying on bidding on someone else's trademark will get you nowhere fast these days. You might actually have to learn about some of the products you sell, write articles, reviews and such and actually promote them.
    Unless you are spending a LOT of money on PPC, a 2% return is not at all worth it. You can do better than that with a CD at your local bank.
    Think outside the box. Look at what others are doing and study their methods. You might not be able to match up anyone's handle in here with their web site, but you can look over the web and find LOTS of great ideas that these folks are making work.
    I am not telling you to copy someone's site, but to look around, be observant and you will find new avenues.
    Good luck

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    Well Google & Overture click fraud by affiliates makes their owners bail out knowing the lawsuits are coming to punish them for caving into the Adwhore mentality....

    According to this evening's article in the Washington Post, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric E. Schmidt have sold over 500 million dollars worth of Google stock within the last three months....

    This amount is larger than the *total* amount of actual profit Google has made as a company since the day it was founded. I want you to think about that for a moment. Then think about it again. Now think about it one more time: If you add up every single penny of profit Google has ever made since they opened their doors, you would have an amount SMALLER than the value of stock those three execs have sold since Jan 1st of this year. If you add in the amount of stock other low-level employees of Google have sold since last August, the total comes to over 1.8 billion dollars- which is more than five times the total amount of profit Google has ever made as a business.

    Google is no longer in the business of search, mail, maps, open source, VoIP, or whatever their daily business rumor/announcement happens to be. On a dollar for dollar basis, Google is now nothing more than a financial vehicle to allow Google execs to monetize shareholder ignorance on a scale the world has never seen before- as Warren Buffett so famously put it.

    Even as judged by 1999/2000 bubble levels of avarice and raw greed, Google insiders are leaving all the previous cash-out records in the dust. As of today they've actually surpassed the reigning champion: Naveen Jain of Infospace. And that's saying a lot."

    The legal eagles are closing in to whack the SE's when they turn a blind eye to click fraud and trademark click spamming by the affiliate industry. ....
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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    A 2% return per day is great
    A 2% return per month isn't bad, if you are investing enough
    A 2% return per year is a waste of time

    One presumes that some folk are still making money, or else there wouldn't currently be any competition. I expect the end result will be that those with the capital, organization and number-crunching skills will still do well out of it, but not those who were part-time hobbie folk.

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    I remember when PPC was cheap and you could get free quality traffic from google, yahoo, msn and the smaller engines and even other affiliates, like now it's getting harder to really make good money with PPC, and actually theres a lawsuit going on.

    Google, Yahoo! and other sites face lawsuit on pay-per-click

    NEW YORK - Google and Yahoo! and other search engines are being accused of knowingly overcharging for pay-per-click advertising in a US lawsuit.

    The suit has been filed by Lane's Gifts & Collectibles, an online giftshop based in Texarkana, Arkansas, which advertised on the internet.

    It says that internet companies charged for advertising traffic that was not created by genuine customers.

    The suit also claims that there is a conspiracy among the companies to create an online environment that harms advertisers, saying "[they] have grown the internet pay-per-click advertising market while failing to disclose that they have routinely and systematically overcharged and/or overcollected for PPC advertising revenue from their customers."

    View article

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