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    Thumbs up creative commons site - content
    Hi All

    Any one use these guys for content, looks like quite a neat set up?


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    Yes. I am building up a FAQ site on a .org domain, where all the FAQ content itself has a no-derivative non-commercial CC license. Members of the subject matter community are encouraged to contribute to the FAQ, and mentions are made to it on a bulletin board that itself was in desperate need of a FAQ. Right now the only affiliate links in the FAQ content itself are VistaPrint text links in the questions dealing with business. But I also reserved the left/right panels for more affiliate links. I'm using CC to protect FAQ contributors in that I'm allowing them to retain rights to their own creative if they want to go and publish it again somewhere else (like in their own book).

    Right now the site doesn't get much traffic, but I think some of it is converting to the companion .net site which has a lot more affiliate links and traffic. I think but am not sure that if somebody syndicates the FAQ content through RSS (perfectly legal with the Creative Commons license) I would still get credit for any VistaPrint clickthroughs.

    I haven't explored the converse situation, partly because it has tricky legal issues. If I subscribe to an RSS feed covered by CC and add my own affiliate links in the margins, does the marginal commercial activity conflict with non-commercial, and if not does the synthesis of feed and side panel content conflict with non-derivative. Personally I think it only matters if content is edited in either scenario "in place", but would want to see case precedence before risking it.

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