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    Question Small Business Affiliate Program?

    I would like to join an affiliate program as a merchant to market my product
    WebEditor2005 but unfortunately I got lost seeing thousands and thousands
    of affiliate programs.

    WebEditor2005 is a mini content management tool. You can modify your websites online.

    My target groups are:

    1. Webmasters/Webdesigners caring for a couple of smaller websites
    (private ar small business)

    2. Small business owners (restaurants, boat rental, tree nursery...)

    Members of the wanted affiliate programs should provide services for these
    target groups.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance


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    Have you thought about going it independant? For niche products like the Opera browser that would cultivate a cult following, this might get the mindshare you're seeking. Especially consider that webmasters using your tool are more inclined to sign up for the affiliate program for the sites that they build.

    Just a thought.

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    Did you test your editor/demo in Firefox ?

    When I went to your site and ran the demo in Firefox the left menu hangs, with 'Loading, please wait'
    and the top menu/buttons do not display correctly... looks like the div's are incorrect or something with your table... didnt look at that closely, just glanced at it.

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