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    Forum questions
    I have the latest version of Invisionpowerboard and am wondering what i can put into my forum affiliate wise?

    I know i can create a new Html based page and put banners etc on there... but what about inside the actual forum?

    Is it possible to add banners to actual forum posts? and what about text links? or how about an image with the affiliate link in it so that when they click it it goes to the relevent site?


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    ok, i have figured out the above.

    Next question.... is it within the tradedoubler and CJ rules to place tet links on your own forum?

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    It's fine with CJ, as long as it's your own forum and the forum complies with the other parts of the TOS. I don't know about TD...

    The content that comes up, though, will need to follow the network rules (like no warez promotion, no porn, no racism etc.). Depending on the general topics of your forum, you may or may not have to be concerned about that. I've noticed that when controversial things get discussed, certain members are more prone to cross other lines of "acceptibality" as well

    In other words you may have to censor a few remarks, and if something like politics comes up, you may have to censor more!

    This won't affect the acceptability of board ads with networks, but: Also it may be good to leave an exception in your rules which explicitly gives you (the Admin) the right to post affiliate links. This won't affect whether the networks allow it one way or the other--but it *will* be a pre-emptive strike against the idiots who would otherwise love to say you were breaking your own anti-spam guidelines. Every board I've visited, that has any serious traffic, occasionally gets at least one of those kinds of idiots who live to claim the Admin is breaking his/her own rules, especially about board spam. But I figure, it only takes one line ("The Admin has the right to post affiliate/commissionable links") to provide a nice official weapon to counterstrike with.
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