Since Visa, MC, etc. don't seem to care much for a merchant's TOS, I'm exploring other methods of getting our customer's to adhere to them.

I've got two ideas;

#1) We'd like to maximize our chance of winning chargebacks, so I'd like to hire a consultant to help us streamline our TOS and create effective chargeback response templates.

Can anyone recommend a consultant? Someone who knows the inner workings of the credit card companies. Preferably someone who has worked (or is working for) a credit card company.

#2) Collections. If we're clear in our TOS that the step following chargeback is collections, I imagine we'll get more customers sticking with the terms they agreed to at the time of sale.

Can anyone recommend a good collections agency familiar with the collection of ecommerce debt?

I found one company,, that will pay 10% upfront, whether or not they can collect. The amount going to collections would be 3 to 5 times the retail sales amount, so 10% of that isn't as bad as it sounds. Anyone familiar with them? I believe the company is owned by Corey R. Bryant.