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    Motorcycle Insurance

    I want to be an affiliate for an insurance company that has good motorcycle insurance rates, or at least a good quoting service. I have a site that is all about motorcycles.

    I am a member of CJ, but all the companies I was interested in rejected me. I have no idea why. I do get traffic and I will make a few sales here and there.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    I'm bringing up this older thread because there is news:

    I understand from Geico that they may offer motorcycle insurance in a few months. Probably after their current advertising campaigns time out.

    I would email them direct (use the addy as in CJ) in September or October.

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    Motorsysle insurance affiliates
    Hi, this is a little late, so hope you get this. Try 21st Century Insurance and InsuranceFinder (both through Commission Junction) should provide you with what you're looking for.

    Good Luck,

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    Another thought - I have been auto-rejected, or just rejected in the past and couldn't figure out why. So, I write to the affiliate manager and ask why and what I can do to the site to meet their standards. Every signle one have reviewed the site in question and approved me. This has happened 6 times. So, don't be afraid to ask why and what you can do to improve. I've been approved for merchants that have nothing to do with my subject matter too, so i don't think this is it.

    Only once did I make a change to my site - added an email that "reflected the name of the site". So, I do this with all my sites now (set up an email address via your hosting company e.g.

    There are some merchants who don't provide an affiliate manager email in CJ. I figure these folks are loosing out and don't use them.

    Good luck

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