Yesterday noticed my error logs for a new site filling up with PHP errors for an invalid argument to Mysql_num_Rows() so minor panic set in.

Turns out that Askjeeves was aggressively spidering my site so I eventually blocked it in htaccess by IP address. Looking at my stats this morning it had gone through 3000 pages and generated 400MB of bandwidth before I stopped it.

Anyone else had problems with AskJeeves spidering their site agressively?

Still leaves me the problem of the mysql_num_rows() error as the site was fine when I tried just looking at similar pages in IE, but maybe there is an odd ball error somewhere that AskJeeves stumbled across. Anyhow I turned on the MYsql calling trace routine I had writeen for my own original debugging of the site for a short while so at least I have captured the SQL AskJeeves was using.

In comparison Googlebot also visited yesterday but decided that 300 pages were quite enough for one days work.

This is the first mySQL application I have written, having moved up from PHP and flat files, so it is likely that the SQL error is down to me but can't see what at the moment.