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    Holy residual income, Batman!
    One small site of mine is little more than an under construction sign until I can get a shopping cart built. But it has a couple of links straight into subcategories of Ebay stores (using the flexible link generator tool). Evidently some of the gals liked those links for navigation so much that they bookmarked them. I was starting to get some funny report numbers I couldn't account for. Then yesterday I got 3 impressions, 6 clicks, and 2 sales, for a clickthrough rate of 200% and a conversion rate of 33%.

    Gotta love a 200% clickthrough rate!

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    Thats cool as long as the merchant doesnt think you are playing games. I have a site like that also almsot the same numbers 2 sales a day. I emailed the am he said all was fine so I dont care or touch the site at all.
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    It's Ebay and CJ. I think it's well below their radars.

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