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    Yahoo Shopping Affiliate Program?
    I realize that some affiliates who use Yahoo Shopping run affiliate programs, but I was on Flashkit's site and noticed a general banner that linked to yahoo shopping's main page.;_ylc=X3oDMTE4(shortened)

    I am wondering if there is a general affiliate program for Yahoo Shopping.


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    I think that yahoo provides affiliate program software to those who have Yahoo Shops. But, I don't think Yahoo actually runs an affiliate program like CJ, LS, etc.

    I know this because once when I was talking to one of my CJ merchants on the telephone, he mentioned that he had the option to run a program himself via his yahoo shopping software. He even gave me the linking code, because he wanted me to try it, but then changed his mind and said to keep using CJ.

    I guess all Yahoo Shopping sites have the ability to run their own affiliate program, and perhaps if there is a site in particular you want to link to, you could write to them and ask if they would let you be an affiliate.

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    I didn't know that. This is very useful to me...I am sure you will have good karma for sharing this tip.


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    Beware of any merchant at Yahoo who is using BOTH the internal indy program links with an outside 3rd party network. It is a huge on/off switch as in the past their cart checkout page only parsed the Yahoo affiliate ID sales info if activated. CJ spent months placing a private interface into their Yahoo Store merchants several years ago. That worked OK IF the merchant didn't use the internal program too.

    Every change to the Yahoo store cart/catalog whacks external affiliate tracking as they DO NOT allow access to the HTML of the final checkout page.
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