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    Would this seem unusual to you
    Ok, so I don't make a fortune through LS every month, but I can't complain. A few good checks arrive monthly so I am usually pretty happy.

    I have checking my stats daily and this month I have only had 1 sale. That's it 1 sale, and let me add a very tiny one.

    Looking at my impressions, they are running about the same as last month, about 40,000. My click throughs down a bit from last month (but only by a few) yet this month only 1 meager sale. I can't remember any month ever as bad as this one.

    Would you find this highly unusual or just some bad ju-ju that may go away on it's own?

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    If you have not already done so you might think about placing some adsense on those pages. You can place several adsense ads per page.
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    My linkshare sales have tanked too. Like you its not alot but it was pretty reliable. Actually the last 2 months have tanked. One measly sale sofar this month...AND had a reversal come through this month from a big sale in December so I'm in the hole right now .

    But other indies and Networks have picked up so I'm focusing on those instead of wasting time trying to push a rope w/my linkshare merchants.

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    Weird! The past two months have been bad for us too! I am still above my sales of last year at this time (which isn't hard to top, believe me), but very low compared to the usual. For us it is also LS that's the surprising one. Our one niche site actually does best with LS merchants, but not right now. Maybe it's the calm before the storm and next month we'll all kick butt in sales! Gotta be optimistic...

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