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    CJ, 180solutions, CDT Inc. What about us?
    May you know about 180Solutions and CDT Inc. deal but I'm not so sure everybody is aware of CDT Inc. activities. Published: April 8, 2005
    Adware company 180Solutions has quietly agreed to purchase CDT, one of its own distributors, in a deal that may foretell shifting business practices in a controversial corner of the Net advertising world.

    "By purchasing CDT, one of its largest distributors, 180Solutions says it's hoping to "clean up" its distribution channels."
    That's BS. Did they shut them down, NO. They are just trying to avoid competitors to install their cr@p on the same PCs.

    I caught CDT Inc/180Solutions still doing silent installs today. They are stealing our commissions with the help of CJ. That's at least unethical and maybe even illegal. What is doing CJ? Any ideas?

    "ISTbar is an IE toolbar, homepage- and search-hijacker provided by Integrated Search Technologies/CDT Inc. a leading Internet marketing solutions provider, specializing in effectively targeting valuable customers at the moment they are most interested in a particular product or service."
    "Installed by ActiveX drive-by download on affiliate sites, typically porn adverts, from April 2003. At least ISTbar/AUpdate is known to install using aggressive JavaScript (opening an error and re-trying if you refuse the ActiveX download).
    ISTbar alse installs other parasites: both variants install porn pop-up producer RapidBlaster/lp; the AUpdate variant is also known to install DownloadPlus."

    "istsvc.exe" is part of ISTbar, an advertising program by Integrated Search Technologies. This Internet Explorer add-in is spyware and a homepage and search page hijacker. ISTbar may also install other parasites including TinyBar, ToolbarCrash, SearchbarCrash, RapidBlaster and Download Plus. This process monitors your browsing habits and distributes the data back to the author's servers for analyses.
    "Our software continues to be downloaded by millions of people each month. This phenomenal growth is the result of our consumer-friendly advertising approach."

    By monetizing 180solutions CJ is helping spyware to spread and pollute more and more PCs for short term profits and at our expense. Are we going to let them steal from us, over and over?

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    Novel approach to compliance...if a distributor is behaving outside of your "Code of Conduct" just buy them. The other thing I didn't see that article mention is 180's trend of putting out their own software to bundle with.

    180Solutions is spreading around a lot of money these days in the quest to gain respectability in the marketplace (or at least the perception of respectability). In all their activities and money spending towards that end, there is one thing I'm not seeing them do. And that is to change the way their software actually behaves and their overall business model to bring true value to consumers and to compete while not unfarily infringing upon other's businesses.

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    I understand why they are trying to buy respectability (or at least the perception of respectability) like you said but I don't think it's a smart move.
    It seems they are opening their doors to more liabilities. It should be easier to go after them in Bellevue, WA than in Canada. They have no way to clean their act in a short period of time.

    If you track back the infestation of your PCs with a silent install by CDT, you can find
    "Contact Us. If you have any questions about the Software, our website, company or service, you should first email our support team at or write to 180solutions Support, PO BOX 181, Mont -Royal, QC, H3P3B9, Canada .
    Copyright 2005 180solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved "

    They don't "change the way their software actually behaves" but they have no problem to change the Copyright on CDT Inc. spyware.

    More info:

    It's time for CJ to do something, now. Don't tell us 180solutions is in compliance, Todd. Nobody is going to believe you.

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    The ability to copy the CDT infestation scripts for distribution to other drive-by and bundling perps is reason enough for them to buy them. All the CDT crapware is able to block anti-virus programs and the major Adware detect/removal programs with a trojan horse virus. Forcing computer illiterate victims to learn how to use regedit and Safe Mode by preventing Windows security updates and normal scanning. The AUpdate variant is a real bugger to get around.
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    Mike - The AUpdate variant is a real bugger to get around.
    I had to experience that several times and I don't see an average PC user able to do it.
    May be we should inform all the computer illiterate victims to send their repair bills to CJ. Don't we have the right to redistribute the money stolen from us? They have their share of responsability by funding spyware companies and helping others to spread trojan and other virus.

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    Thanks for this Zeus I was just looking into a para that I have been after elsewhere and they use the ISTBar too... all good fuel for the fire


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