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    Question Exact phrase match and general search
    My website ranks 2nd place for a key word when I do a exact phrase match search for the key word, but, If I do a general search my website doesn't show up at all.
    Is this un-usual? my website is only 2 months old and very few links out there to my website, is this a factor?
    The keyword is an insurance keyword and is bidding aroud $1 per click on adsense, could this be a factor?
    Should I be happy about the exact phrase search and just wait until google pulls me out of sandbox?
    If my website is in sandbox, does it get showed for exact phrase match??
    gurus, what do u think?

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    It's very common for exact searches and general to have different results. Frustrating sometimes, but very typical. You'll have to keep working to get your site up there, and yes, probably wait a few more months at least for any visible results.

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    This was one of the big changes in the last BIG update of mid-December. General phrases use a much different ranking method than the exact phrase. Another change seems to be that new sites sit in this "sandbox" for about 6mo or so.
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