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    the Purpose of doing business
    Haiko- I have been a member of this forum for along time and have provided quality content on your forum for years, I have supported your forum and position in the affiliate marketing Industry. I have been in this industry for a long time which you know, longer then most people here. and the right to do business and introduce a business should be allowed on a forum no matter what. Sure I understand it is your forum and you have the final say but I need to ask you what is your position on a sig? or even announcing a service. What I tried to annouce was not competition conflicting and I believe was not considered to be spam, so I'm asking what is your position in this matter? because I might as well do business someone else if you won't even let me announce my services. I even contacted you and told you I would work with you in this matter and you never even replied to my email and questions. so what is your position with a sig and announcing a service? Hope to hear from you soon. " No hard feelings" just asking a question...

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    Announcements of programs/services/etc are submitted for the Program Announcement forum for review. As forum owner, Haiko has final say over which submissions to accept for paid advertising. See the Advertising Link on the top menu for all available options. Any postings otherwise are spam no matter how long you've been here and will probably be moderated as such.

    See the Board's TOS regarding sig guidelines.

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